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Priyanka Chopra is gearing up to perform in two of her biggest showbiz projects, apart from 'Quantico' and 'Baywatch'. She also talked about 'Quantico' and 'Baywatch', the casting of Akshay Kumar in 'Andaaz' and rumours of a super-slim Priyanka. Scroll down to read what Priyanka Chopra had to say. Are you excited to be a part of 'Andaaz'? I am very excited because it is a brand new experience and a different genre. I am playing a different character and doing a different role. I am doing an action-adventure film where I have to perform stunts. I am very excited about it. Talking about Baywatch, I also have that in my kitty. That is coming up. Then I have Priyanka in a completely different kind of genre in 'Andaaz'. It is about being a social activist and has so much on its mind. I am also working with some of the best filmmakers, including Abhijat Joshi. Sushant Singh Rajput and I have done films with the same team. 'Andaaz' is the second film with him. My favourite role so far has been Priyanka Chopra in 'Quantico'. So it was nice to have the opportunity to play that kind of character again. And there are several more films coming up where I will be playing more of these kind of roles. There are also rumours that you will be super-slim in your next film. Is it true? It's not true. I have been working since I was eight years old and have been a model since I was seven. I have been working on a lot of shows and doing a lot of films and I eat healthy and am fit. It doesn't happen overnight. So I am not going to have a body transformation. You might have to change something in your diet though, if you do have that film. But I have been eating healthy since the day I was born and I am not going to change. You are very focused on work and have been in the field since a very young age. How do you see the entertainment industry? I think that is what every woman should do. She should not be working as hard as an engineer or a doctor. They should have a work life balance. If you work so hard, you don't



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HD Online Player (Andaaz 2015 Hindi 720p Torrent) legrhaz

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