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Take the thinking out of working out and just show up. We’re all On-A-Quest, whether that’s building a healthier lifestyle, losing weight, or gaining muscle. 


Let’s take on this quest together with a personalized monthly training plan to get you to your goals while being a part of a community to keep you accountable!


4 Week Customized Program

Access to 3 workouts a week (including upper body, lower body, & full-body), plus a BONUS workout (core & cardio) all customized to your level of fitness and equipment availability.

Weekly Training Calendar

Go into each week prepared and ready to conquer each day. Training days will be labeled with your workout. Depending on your goals, non-training days may include special mobility or cardio tasks to complete.

Nutritional Guidance:

You will be provided with some of the top nutritional resources in the industry along with given a variety of recipes and nutrition habit ideas.

Health & Fitness Assessment 

Includes a functional movement screen to see how efficient your body moves and will determine your strengths and areas of opportunity.  While assessing your movement, we will discuss fitness history and go over goals & daily habits.


Become a part of a community that has the same goal; Conquering Your Quest. Stay on track as everyone completes the same type of workout on each day and discuss tips and tricks that helped one another stay On-A-Quest!


J-Quest Fitness will be with you every step of the way. With just the click of a button, you can ask J-Quest Fitness any questions you may have and if there is anything you need further.

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