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Jessica Franco - Personal Trainer 

From Coast to Coast

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, I was recruited to play basketball in Boston, Massachusetts. My initial goal was to become a physical therapist after suffering a torn ACL and LCL injury my senior season of college. I spent hundreds of hours in physical therapy clinics both rehabbing and working to learn more about injuries and how to help patients recover from them.

A Change of Direction

My career path soon changed after moving to San Francisco, California where I began my personal training journey. I had learned from my physical therapy experience that there were few resources for athletes transitioning from physical therapy to returning to their sport. This is where I wanted to implement myself to help others become confident in their bodies again and return to doing what they love most.

Today's Training View

Now living in Maryland, my goal now is to help not only athletes but anyone who feels unsure or unsatisfied with their body. I strive to make my clients feel strong in their performance, confident in their movements, and efficient with their biomechanics. I am here to help inspire, motivate, and educate those ready to take their fitness quest to the next level.

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Training with Jessica is always the highlight of my week! She pushes me to give every workout my ALL! Training with her has improved my self-confidence. I feel strong and empowered after our session!

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